1972 Boston Whaler Outrage - Restoration Project

21.4 feet Original ribbed-side version FPBW hull #00640




The long road ahead:

multiple layers of paint

nasty nuts

mindless assaults

good wood

mysterious bolts on deck

great for removing toe flesh!

crap-tacular modifications!

how many layers of latex/enamel paint?

who needs fancy drill-bits when a hatchet will do just fine!



Our marine mechanic said, "It looks like a frick'n surfboard!" (COOL!)


Our Grand Dame gets blasted:



Be safe - Wrap it up!

Rough stuff


 I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE PAINT AN OLD BOAT!!!  you never know what's underneath!

As with any aged diva, a little cosmetic surgery is definitely in order...

on to Capt Harry's "built right" boat yard (our back yard) for a few months of sanding, patching, glassing, fairing and a fresh coat of Awl-Grip!

Thanx to John @ Blue Marlin Marine & Rob @ TSB!



the next step:

Deconstruction - Phase I




Thanx for looking at our latest boat project - we'll update as our bank account allows!


Wili & Harry Engel

Virginia Beach, VA