1973 Boston Whaler Outrage - Lo-Profile Conversion/Restoration

19.4 feet • FPBW #00137

"Rutgers Research Vessel Tellina"


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before          popping the top     sans top            after          



Topless Lo-Profile Whaler

(very sexy)



Repairing Water Damaged Inner Foam




Exploratory probes revealed water damaged foam in the anterior 3ft

Opened it up & removed wet foam - Allowed remaining foam to drain & dry (one month warm, sunny weather)


the project & materials


2 part foam mixture  -   pours like cakemix  -  expands like soufflé  -  fish box view

(sticks to everything like melted marshmallows)


  • 50% part A, 50% part B (for approx 8 ft²)

  • stir for 20secs

  • pour into hole & stand back (gets hot & noisey)

  • 10-15mins later - WALLAH! - new foam soufflé

  • allow to harden, shape to desired form

  • seal it back up w/ cavasil



Thanks to Richard @ Eastern Burlap for tech support



Pre-paint prep work:



Spraying the 1st coat & prepping the console





non-skid deck  ~  new rub-rail  ~  bolt console down



The finished project!



We were fortunate to acquire this Whaler from a very pleasant waterman up on the eastern shore who was wise enough to recognized it's value as an American classic.  Although it was a fairly easy conversion, it took a little more work than we had planned, to re-finish it.  Awl-grip paint is fantastic to work with; it goes down thick, is 10X easier to sand than gel-coat, and can be wet-sanded, polished & waxed (like gel-coat) to obtain as shiny a finish as the owner desires.  We ended up doing a lot more sanding than we had expected ~ and, to be honest, it still needed some more polishing when we dropped it off with the new owner.

We patched up the drainage holes in the bottom w/ cavasil & cloth and re-painted w/ royal blue anti-fouling paint (because red was on back-order).  We used a 2" Taco after-market rub-rail kit w/ black insert to replace the tattered red one it originally came with.  After 30mins in the hot sun, the rub-rail was easily stretched, glued and screwed into place.


A very nice gentleman from South Carolina stepped up to the plate to purchase the boat on 6.23.07.

 Harry & I were very pleased to see the boat go to a good Carolina home ~ where it will be appreciated for what it is.




(Sybil wants her bed back)



The Final Chapter

(or is it?)




Back @ it's new home in South Carolina, re-powered with a Johnson 120hp

 The long journey of this classic Whaler has brought it into the worthy hands of Captain Wesley Skidmore.

After a highly productive former-life, this low-profile Outrage conversion can now enjoy the life of leisure as a family recreation vessel!


We were ecstatic to see this boat back in the water.  There always exists an element of uncertainty until you see it afloat.

It took a lot of hard work (hand-sanding 4X) and approx $900 worth of materials to get it there.

I can't help but feel like putting a vintage bananaboat (w/ such gorgeous lines) back in service, is of significant cultural value!

It has been a tremendously rewarding experience.





Wili & Harry Engel